Using Actions

Creating Actions

Creating on today:

  • From the schedule, tap the + button in the top right
  • From the schedule, pull the screen down and let go
Creating on another day:
  • Tap the blank space directly to the right of the day name(tapping the name itself will open that day in Timepage)
Note: this is something we are working on making easier!
Creating directly on lists:
  • Browse to the list you want to create the action on and open it
  • Pull down on the screen and let go
  • Alternatively, tap the + card at the bottom of the list

Completing Actions

Swipe sideways on the action card until the checkmark appears solid then let go to complete an action.

  • The direction you swipe to complete an action can be left or right.  You can choose this in the Settings under Preferences > Actions > Swipe right to complete
  • Swiping the opposite direction to completing an action allows you to schedule and delete if you swipe even further.
  • When you complete an action, you can choose whether it stays in the list or moves straight to your log book.  See Handy Settings  to set this up.

Scheduling Actions

You can schedule actions by:

  • Swiping on an action the opposite direction to completion.  Let go when you see the clock icon.
  • Alternatively, tap on an action card then tap Schedule

Deleting Actions

Swipe sideways on an action card the opposite direction to completing it.  Keep swiping after the schedule icon until you see the delete icon then let go. This action will be removed.

Creating Lists

A list is a collection of actions.

  • Go to the list selector (bottom right button from the Schedule screen)
  • From the list selector screen, swipe to the far right then tap the blank list with the + on it

Deleting Lists

  • Go to the list selector screen
  • Tap and hold the list you wish to delete until you see the bottom of the screen change to "Drag here to delete"
  • Drag the list to the delete icon and let go

Colour Coding Lists

  • Go to the list you wish to colour code
  • Tap the bottom left colour button
  • Choose a colour

Rescheduling Actions

If you don't complete an action from yesterday (or earlier), don't worry!  It hasn't gone anywhere.

  • From the Schedule screen, tap the Reschedule button which is next to the top right add + button
  • Drag actions downwards to delete them and upwards to reschedule for another day

Note: we are working on making this easier

Logbook (Completed Actions)

From the schedule, the bottom selector will allow you to swap to the logbook view by tapping the tick icon. The logbook shows all of your completed actions. From here you can:

  • Uncomplete an action and put it back by swiping as if to complete it.
  • Swipe the opposite direction to delete it permanently.


You can use Siri with Actions, for example phrases, go to the menu > Siri.

A quick tip! You must use the term "in Actions" when you talk to Siri or items will be added to your iOS reminders.

Syncing iPad and iPhone

Actions will synchronise your actions between your iPad and iPhone. You must sign in with the same account in Actions on both devices:

  • From the menu, go to Account
  • If you aren't signed in already, sign in
  • On your other device, follow the first two steps above and ensure you sign in with the same account

Note: if you are a Timepage member, ensure it is also signed in with the same account on all devices

Handy Settings

There are all sorts of useful preferences in Actions!  Go to the menu > Preferences and take a look.  Some of the options include:

  • Choose which direction you prefer to swipe to complete actions
  • Choose if actions move immediately to the logbook on completion or if they stay on the list for a period of time
  • Turn on edge swiping
  • Change the text size
  • Turn sound effects on and off

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