Installing Actions

How to get Actions

Actions is available for iPhone and iPad directly from the App Store. It isn’t available for other platforms at this time.
Activating your trial
Actions is a free download and comes with an unrestricted trial.  You can start using it straight away without registration, the free trial is immediately activated.
Multiple devices
If you use multiple devices(e.g. an iPhone and iPad) then you can sync your data between them.  You need to create an account and login to both devices to do this and we recommend you do this straight away, otherwise you may lose data that is unattached to your account.
Creating an account
You can create an account, even before purchasing a membership.  This will allow you to sync your Actions between devices.  Go to the Account screen in the Actions menu > Sign In.  Enter your details to create your account.
Linking with Timepage
Actions is a standalone app for getting things done but has enhanced features when Timepage is installed. You can  get Timepage from the App Store, sign in with the same account and they will automatically sync together. 
Language support
Actions is fully localised in English, German, French, Italian, Russian, Portuguese, Chinese(Traditional), Chinese(Simplified) and Japanese.  If you have any suggestions on how we can improve our localisation, please get in touch.

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