Common Questions

Is there a web / desktop / macOS version?

Not yet, but please vote for it on our Feature Request board if it's of interest to you! 

Does Actions integrate with Apple Reminders or Google tasks?

No, there are features of Actions which aren’t compatible with Apple reminders or Google tasks so there is no integration. We are considering an import functionality, if this is of interest to you please visit our  Feature Request board.
Where are my Actions from yesterday that I didn’t complete?
Don't worry they haven't disappeared! Please see  here about Rescheduling.
Can I export my Actions?
We are evaluating some export options for the future but this is not currently available.
Can I turn the sounds off?
Yes, please go to the menu > Preferences > Sound.
Can I search my actions?
We are adding this feature soon, in the meantime you can vote for it on our  Feature Request board.

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